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The icy land of Isveg lies north of the Icewall Mountains and south of the Ice Road. It is a nation of warriors and fisherfolk, of giants and frost wurms. Here, ancient empires lay buried beneath snow and ice, waiting for foolhardy adventurers to discover their secrets.

Isveg is ruled by the High Jarl Anikka Magnusson of Clan Hvalor, also known as the Lady of Storms. The High Jarl rules from her capital of Trondheim, located at the mouth of the mighty Solskinn river. Here, under her rule, she tolerates a contentious lot of jarls who all seek to remove her from the title she has won by right. They say that in Isveg, a year is what you call the time between the last war and the next one.

Ruler: High Jarl Anikka Mangusson
Capital: Trondheim
Personal Sigil: A black Whale on a field of blue and three lightning bolts.


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