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If Trondas is the nation’s breadbasket, then Trellas is its pastureland. Trellas produces the best livestock and horses in Isveg and strengthens the nation’s armies as a result. The region is almost all grassland, huge open spaces of grass and rolling hills ideal for livestock and raising horses.

Settlements and Towns


The capital of Trellas, Trellborg was built to take full advantage of the Dragon’s Mouth, a body of water that opens into the Smoky Sea to the west. Here, Trellborg exports Trellas’ number one commodity: animals, specifically livestock and horses. Trellborg is the home to Clan Hestar and the Hestar horses are some of the most sought-after horses in the world, making Trellborg a very wealthy and powerful city in its own right.


Drangar lies in the middle of Trellas at the edge of nearby Lake Ulbin. It is home to the region’s largest horse market and all the merchants and inns cater to horse buyers and sellers. Vast fenced-in fields surround the town, places for horse sellers to store their herds before they are put on the market


Havur sits at the northernmost tip of Trellas, overlooking a narrow waterway known as the Raider’s Path. Here, it is said, one can spit on Hornstandr and indeed, the proximity to Hornstandr is such that, in the past, Havur was constructed to keep an eye on Trellas’ more belligerent neighbors.


A simple town on the frontier of Trellas, Langvik is the stronghold for the Green Riders, Trellas’ elite border cavalry troops. A frontier town in every sense of the word, Langvik is encircled by a simple stone wall, its barracks within. Langvik is governed by a clan administrator who oversees the frontier and ensures those that live within its walls are protected and fed. The Green Riders train in Langvik and range outwards to the borders ensuring that dangers from the nearby Scar do not make their way into the valuable pasture lands that make up Trellas’ interior.

Other Locations

The Scar

A wild and untamed stretch of valley, the Scar is a remnant of an ancient war during a time when great evil roamed the land and the early peoples spent their nights in terror at the monsters that came to their door. Since then, the lands around the Scar have been tamed but the threats from this wild land remain. Goblin and orc raids, dangerous fey creatures, giants and other beasts and many more types of creatures have been known to range outward from the Scar to harass the people of Trellas. Nowadays, the Green Riders of Trellas keep the incursions from the Scar to a minimum or near non existent. Some say that this lull in activity is just a buildup to a truly horrific invasion by monsters from beyond.


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