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The region of Trondas is home to the nation’s seat of power and capital. In addition, Trondas is often called the breadbasket of Isveg. Vast farmland rolls on as far as the eye can see, providing the nation with all manner of foods. Trondas shares its southern border with the vast grasslands of Trellas and is home to various large cattle and horse farms. Its northern border gets colder, but not approaching the cold of the Elverdalen or of Frossvidde, home to various mining towns that ply ore and stone from the earth for export to the larger cities in the south. To the west is the Bay of Battles, a body of water whose depths contain the sunken wrecks of battles ages past.

Settlements and Towns


The capital of Trondas and seat of Isveg power, Trondheim is Isveg’s largest city. Here, Clan Hvalor rules and their whale sigil can be seen all over the city. Sitting at the mouth of the mighty Solskinn river, Trondheim is one of Isveg’s biggest ports, taking in all manner of shipping traffic, military and mercantile.


The city of Horstad sits at the foothills of the Icewall mountains and is the gateway to the Elverdalen region of Isveg. Here, merchant goods arrive from the larger parts of Isveg for transport to the frontier region of Elverdalen and back again. In addition, Horstad is home to the Skoli, the College of Bards. This has given Horstad a reputation for culture, where current trends in music and art are defined for the rest of the region.


In spite of its name, Grof houses Trondas’ largest garrison of troops that defend the region from dangers in the vast wilderness. Here, the elite warriors of Clan Hvalor train the armies of Trondas. The village proper caters to the fortress, offering a vast array of services that take advantage of large numbers of soldiers seeking to spend their pay.


Hoskilde sits in the middle of prime farmland, home to the largest collection of produce farms in the nation. This has quite naturally made Hoskilde very wealthy and thus the preferred winter location for many of Trondas’ nobility. It is not uncommon for a wealthy nobleman or noblewoman to own a house in Hoskilde. The winter months are home to a large number of festivals and parties for the nobles must have something to do to pass the winter months.


Indenraad is an old ruin, a burned out husk of a fortress that is home to the great council of Clans, a yearly, month-long meeting that begins on the first day of Spring. Here, the six clans gather and a massive tent city springs up out of nowhere. Indenraad not only hosts the council, but is also home to a huge festival atmosphere where games of chance, sport and drinking between the clans offer up a welcome diversion to the tense meetings that take place inside the ruined keep.

Other Locations

The Solskinn River

The mighty Solskinn River flows from the frigid Elverdalen down out of the mountains and across the valley into the Bay of Battles. Many merchant ships travel up and downstream, carrying their goods. The way is not without its dangers, however, as some parts of the Solskinn are crawling with strange creatures that threaten to waylay even the most prepared of travelers.


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