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High up in the Icewall mountains lies the Elverdalen, a remote region once home to the ancient Jotun empire and settled by the old clans. For a hundred years, Elverdalen was uninhabited frontier, abandoned after the devastation of the Ork Wars. Now, it is populated by a few small settlements that eke out meager livings in the ice and snow.

Settlements and Towns

A fishing village upon the Solskinn river, Skolden was one of the first settlements in Elverdalen after the Ork Wars, built into the remains of an old keep. The remaining intact stone walls offer the village built-in protection from the elements and a lot of the village structures are built to take advantage of the old walls.

Far to the west, along the Vannmark River, Skjorv is a remote mining town that makes its fortunes extracting ore and precious gems for sale in the more civilized regions of Isveg. Skjorv is also home to the famous Vestar Brewery, producers of famous ales and mead.

Built upon the northwestern shore of Mjors Lake, Fjalir is also a fishing town. Fjalir is known for its harvesting and export of the Mjorspawn, small squid said to be the offspring of Mjors, the legendary squid that is said to swim the depths of the lake.

Far to the north of the region where the Solksinn splits into the Hoyre and Lgjen rivers, the village of Holmslond thrives as trading outpost. The Hunters of Holmslond are known throughout the region, warriors, furriers and trappers of excellent skill. Their furs and skins are traded all over the region and even into the larger cities of Isveg.

The dwarven outpost of Steinheim is home to stonecarvers, armorcrafters and jewelcrafters of extraordinary skill. Here, the five dwarven clans toil in the mountainside to produce their wares and guard from the dangers of the darkness below.

Other Locations

The Alverskog
A mystical forest west of the Solskinn river, home to the enigmatic Snowrunner elves.

Starkad Quarry
A disused quarry long abandoned due to the increasingly harsh climate in the region.

An ancient valley, site of great battle with the legendary Ork King Gral.

The Roykfjell
A small range of mountains that spew smoke and ash into the air.

Ruins of a great city of the ancient Jotun empire.

Mjors Lake
A massive lake shrouded in mystery, home to the legendary squid, Mjors.


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