The Shadow Guard

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The Shadow Guard is an elite organization dedicated to battling evil throughout the world. From the legendary Shadowgarde Keep where they originated, the Shadow Guard strikes out against any foul creature that dares enter the civilized lands to spread evil.

The Shadow Guard is made up of four distinct factions that engage their battle with evil through varying methods. Each faction has bases all over the world and cultivates their own power and influence, all reporting to the centralized organization in Shadowgarde Keep.

Leading the Shadow Guard is an enigmatic figure known by different names by the various factions. To the Militant Order, he is the Lord Commander, to the Shadow Hunters, he is known as the Warden, to the Knights of the Cleansing Fire, he is the Great Master and to the Sages, the Archmage.

Shadow Guard Factions

The Militant Order

Ever Watchful
Headquarters: Shadowgarde Keep

The Militant Order acts as the rank-and-file troops of the Shadow Guard, guarding the organization’s various fortresses and strongholds and engaging the forces of evil wherever they are called to do so. Most everyone who wishes to join the Shadow Guard enters as a member of the Militant Order and undergo rigorous training and evaluation. If a candidate exhibits skills more suited to another faction, they are then transferred for more specialized training.



The Shadow Hunters

In the Shadows We Hunt
Headquarters: Darkhome, Southmarsh

When otherworldly horrors terrorize the weak and powerless, the Shadow Hunters answer the call for help. They are monster hunters, individuals with the knowledge and skills to track and eliminate otherworldly threats. They combine intense study with rigorous training before beginning their apprenticeship. Fledgling Shadow Hunters typically partner with a mentor before venturing out into the world alone. Shadow Hunters are mostly solitary operatives of the Shadow Guard, preferring to work alone but have been known to ally with others or work with other Shadow Hunters should the need arise.

Shadow Hunter lodges can be found all over the Known World, but their seat of power lies in Darkhome, a converted ruin of an ancient reptilian civilization deep in the dark swamps of Southmarsh. Very few among the Shadow Hunters know its location. Only the most skilled and prestigious Shadow Hunters are imparted with this knowledge lest the forces of evil seek revenge.

Knights of the Cleansing Fire

No Shadow Can Escape the Flame
Headquarters: Catedrale del Fuoco, Contea

Where the Shadow Hunters are solitary hunters, the Knights of the Cleansing Fire are travelling coteries of warrior-monks, seeking out evil to cleanse it from the world in fire and light. In righteous flame they lay their enemies low, mercilessly seeking out the darkness and bringing light to those places that have fallen into shadow.

Though their methods are often called into question, there is no doubt that Knights of the Cleansing Fire get results. They sweep in like a tornado, unearthing the wicked and evil, setting them ablaze atop great pyres. They are the Inquisition of the Shadow Guard, often possessing intricate knowledge of local laws and customs and using this information to their advantage so they may do their duty unmolested by local authorities.



Sages of the Illumination

Knowledge Illuminates
Headquarters: Linterna, Azul Mar
While the rest of the Shadow Guard battles evil through martial might, the Sages of the Illumination use the pursuit of knowledge and study of magic to do battle. The Sages seek to defeat the shadow by bringing about what they call the Great Illumination, a state of the world where the spread of knowledge and magic brings light to what they consider to be the darkness of the world.

Their members range the world far and wide in pursuit of knowledge, seeking lost tomes, scrolls and magical items to add to their vast vaults at Linterna. In addition, the Sages send representatives to the world’s government as advisers and instructors, often with a price attached. The counsel and knowledge of one the higher-ranking Sages does not come cheap, a service usually reserved for the world’s most wealthy and powerful.

The Shadow Guard

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